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Search Engine Optimization

Looking for More Customers from Your Website?

Maybe You Need a Website?

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We help mostly small businesses get more customers from the Internet. Testimonials

2 Main Reasons Why People Come to Us
  • They know I have a history of helping businesses get more web traffic.
  • They know they can trust me. No razzle dazzle. Just common sense and results.

Core Search Engine Optimization


This is a low cost and high quality way of getting your web site search optimized.  

Here are the steps we take.

  1. I analyze your site to understand what It needs, report my findings to you and we discuss them.
  2. Together you and I identify your core key words so your real prospects are attracted to your website.
  3. I place your core key words on your site so search engines can display the pages to your real prospects.
  4. I register your website with the main search engines so they know to index your site.
  5. I install analytics so we can know what is happening on your website.
  6. I follow up with you quarterly for a year.

Get Friendly help.

We don't assume you're
a web expert.

Why lose business you
could be getting?


Contact me now, Ted Feely, at 1-408-733-4290. Or, send an email.


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Looking for a search engine marketing professional you can trust?

Being a trusted vendor to my customers is my second highest business value.

Ted Feely

Being "skilled and knowledgeable" is my highest business value.

My name is Ted Feely. Why don't you give me a call (408-733-4290) or send an email.






























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