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Renew Your Domain Name, Web Hosting or Web + Email Hosting

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Renew a Domain Name Only Explain

  Domain Renewal
One Year



Renew Website Hosting Only Explain  Go to Page Top

  Website Hosting Website + Email Hosting*
One Year

$107 per year

$143 per year


Combine Both a Domain Name and Website Hosting RenewalExplain  Go to Page Top

  Domain Renewal + Website Hosting Domain Renewal + Website + Email Hosting*
One Year

$19.95 + $107 per year = $126.95

$19.95 + $143 per year = $162.95


Renew a Domain Name Only

Your domain name (e.g., domain.com, feely-associates.com, etc.) is separate from your website and needs to be renewed with your domain registrar. If you purchased your domain name from Feely & Associates, your domain name is registered with OpenSRS. When you renew a domain name here, Feely & Associates updates your renewal with OpenSRS.


Renew Website Hosting Only

If your website is at Feely & Associates, renewing your website hosting pays for the service of operating your website. Note: Your domain name and your website are separate. See above.

+Email Hosting - If your website hosting includes email, you should use the "+Email" option when renewing your website hosting fee.

If you would like to add domain-based email (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com) to your website hosting, please contact Feely & Associates. 408 733-4290


Combine Renewal of Both Your Domain Name & Your Website Hosting

For your convenience, you can renew both your domain name and your website hosting with a single payment.

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