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Images, Photos, & Graphics

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Images, photos and graphics should do more than decorate your pages.

They should support and enhance information and add value of their own.

With solid knowledge and experience we can help you with . . .

o Photos & Photographs
  • We have access to millions of low cost, high quality photographs that we can add to your printed and web materials
  • Repair, improve, or modify photos as needed
  • Generate the digital images you need from slides, prints, or negatives
  • Keep files "light" and easy to work with - particularly when doing web work

Images, Graphics, & Illustrations

  • Represent processes or phases
  • Clarify details
  • Turn your quick sketches into professional drawings and renderings
  • Depict plans, schematics, or theoretical ideas

Charts & Graphs

  • Create clear figures that communicate the data
  • Clean up cluttered graphs or charts
  • Restyle text and elements to make the figure look like it belongs in your document
  • Add color, lighting, visual appeal, or interactive features to enhance plain figures
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Why lose business because your communications lack visual appeal?

Contact me now, Ted Feely, at 1-408-733-4290. Or, send an email.


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